Collection: Knickers And Panties

Lingerie Glossary Guide: Panties are underwear that comes in all shapes, fabrics, and colors, allowing you to have lots of coverage or barely any coverage at all. From hiphugger or bikini panties to cotton or silk panties, these undergarments are made to fit and suit any version of the female body.

Boyshorts are a relatively new kind of underwear that continues to grow in popularity. They are tight and extremely short shorts that go beneath your clothes. Because they provide more coverage than bikini underwear, they tend to stay in place better and not bunch up. Some styles only have partial rear coverage, allowing part of the lower rear to show, while others have full coverage. Either style, however, does a great job of covering the hips and upper part of the thigh.

A Thong is a popular type of panty that is great if you want no visible panty lines and a smooth appearance through your clothes. This smooth look is possible because of the minimal amount of fabric in the back of the undergarment. The fabric creates a "v" shape at the waistband, and then gradually thins out by the time it reaches the crotch.

The G-string (sometimes known as the V-string) is about as close as you can get to wearing no panties at all: It’s essentially a skimpy thong. While the thong has minimal fabric in the back, the g-string has even less. True to its name, the g-string includes a single piece of string that attaches the front side to the back. G-strings help prevents panty lines and is even more erotic than the thong, adding some extra excitement to when your clothes come off at the end of the day.

Crotchless panties are incredibly cheeky and are absolutely perfect for igniting a new fire in your sex life. They are a definite must when it comes to any women's sexy lingerie collection. Crotchless. adjective. of clothing, without material in the crotch area.